We are all one big family and this time we have to unite to fight the COVID disaster. The pandemic has given us a new insight into the struggles of migrant workers and into the lives of labourers.

37% of Indian population comprises of migrants and labourers. (Indian Express, 2011 Census)

The lockdown that was mandated to curb the spread of the virus, led to millions of migrants and daily-wage labourers go jobless. No job meant no money and no money meant no feeding themselves or their families. The result that followed was incomprehensible – an exodus of all the labourers to their hometowns due to lack of job security.


The Coronavirus outbreak put the daily-wage labourers in a dicey situation. They had to work to feed themselves to boost their immunity but were unable to do so. Many non-governmental organisations came forward to bring some relief into their lives by providing them with meals that could help them survive during the lockdown. One such organisation is The Akshaya Patra Foundation that started its COVID-19 Relief service in close co-ordination with Central Government, State Governments & District Administration on 25th March 2020. This NGO works towards providing food relief to daily-wage workers, migrant labourers, construction-site workers and the needy people in old-age homes and night shelters by serving freshly cooked meals and distributing dry grocery kits. By working hand-in-hand with various corporate partners, supporting organisations, individual donors and volunteers, Akshaya Patra has served a whopping 7-Crore meals, cumulatively during the COVID crisis.


With its food relief service, the Foundation has helped people from the marginalised communities fight hunger and increase their immunity to build an ability to fight the COVID-19 virus and to combat any other diseases that could prevail during this outbreak. Food relief is provided in the states of Himachal Pradesh, National Capital Regions, West Bengal, Tripura, Punjab, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.


By relentlessly working to serve the whole nation, Akshaya Patra served a total of 2,70,14,856 cooked meals and 7,38,386 grocery kits to the needy people; whereas supporting organisations served 1,29,64,095 meals and distributed 6,435 grocery kits, that sums up to 7,11,07,993 meals. The meals are cooked and served by giving topmost priority to safety and hygiene. A grocery kit contains all the essentials that could help in cooking 42 meals that could feed a family of 2 people for 21 days. It contains rice, lentils, pulses, sugar, salt, chilli powder, sambar and rasam powder along with vegetables like potatoes and onions that have a long shelf-life.


Impact of Akshaya Patra during the COVID disaster


*As on 13th July 2020


How can you support the feeding of migrant community members in India?

While the whole world is battling to flatten the curve, you can contribute your share of help too, from your convenient place.

·         You can contribute towards the feeding of families affected by the Corona outbreak, here.

·         You can donate towards providing 3 meals a day to COVID patients in Karnataka by clicking here.


Together, we can serve the nation to help fight the virus.

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