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What are dementia treatments of 2020

People often confuse dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is largely due to the fact that almost 50% of dementia cases are people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Dementia is not a disease but a syndrome. A syndrome is a group of symptoms, Read More
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What is stem cells rejuvenation?

One of the most exciting areas of medical advancement in the 21st Century is stem cells rejuvenation which promises the arrest of certain degenerative diseases and relief of the symptoms of others. Stem cells can separate into many different cell Read More
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How to Tell if a Wound is Healing or Infected

Small wounds, like scratches or small cuts, can be safely traded at home without medical assistance. If cared for properly, most of them will eventually heal on their own.   First of all, how to tell if a wound is healing? Read More
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How to treat fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition in which patients suffer from chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain and they respond to heightened pain response to pressure. Their daily activities are influenced and impeded due to this pain and accompanying symptoms like fatigue and cognitive Read More
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Chronic and painful conditions that include fibromyalgia are among the most commonly faced health problems in the word. This problem is usually managed by rheumatologists, practitioners, and clinical psychologists. Furthermore, it is also characterized by fatigue, cognitive complaints, high distress, Read More
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Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Baby Boomers

Oxygen therapy is considered to be highly beneficial for older people who are suffering from respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, it is also considered to be a great way to treat COPD. Since portable oxygen concentrators have become quite common, a big Read More
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Investing in Natural Gas

Investing in clean energy stocks is a great idea because we can see an increase in the adoption of sustainable practices. Since natural gas is a cleaner fuel compared to coal and oil, it is used in various cases. You Read More
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The State of Natural Gas in 2020

The natural gas industry is one of the strongest industries today. It is a cleaner fuel that has many uses, of which electricity production forms the primary use. There are amazing natural gas facts, after knowing which you can understand Read More
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Natural gas mining in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is now a hotbed of activity with the recent natural gas finds that have happened in the region. As such, the countries that share this wealth are looking for ways and means to be able to extract Read More
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Oxygen Therapy Pros and Cons

Oxygen is something we use every day and is vital for our survival. Some people may have a condition that affects the way they take in oxygen. Oxygen therapy is a treatment that gives the body extra oxygen when needed. Read More
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