It is said, “work is worship”. This is absolutely correct. Because whatever you have earned, all from your work. Your fancy lifestyle to food everything. So you should do your work, like the way you do worship. When we work somewhere or someone works for you. They all become a family. So if your company achieves something big, it all because of this family. Today, if your company is at the peak of success. It’s all the credit goes to all employees of your company. So they have equal rights in the success and achievements. So, today if you are celebrating your work anniversary. It’s all because of them. I think, this a great way to say thank you to them, by giving a gift.


Flower bouquet with a beautiful message

The flower is the best way to appreciate someone’s work. I always say, this. You can give them a beautiful fresh flowers bouquet to them. With the bouquet give them a note of appreciation and thank you. It will make them feel great. If you are unable to give them personally. Bloomsvilla does online flower delivery in Kolkata. So you can send a bouquet and note through this, e-commerce site. It will be a beautiful gesture, for them on the work anniversary. With the bouquets and note, you can give a box of chocolates too.









Coin of Goddess Laxmi

It is said, “Goddess Laxmi gives so much prosperity and money”.  In India, this coin is so valuable. People believe this silver coin brings good luck. This coin is available in both metals gold and silver. But people usually buy a silver coin on Dhanteras. This will be a special and prosperous gift. Your employees will be very happy, after seeing this coin as a gift. They will feel bless. With the coin, you can give them a box of sweets. It will be the icing on the cake.



A diary with the company logo



This is such a useful gift as well as memorable. Because all the working people need this. They need this in many ways. So this is one of the appreciable gifts for them.  It will, become more special when they will see, the company logo on the diary cover.


Coffee mug with company logo and thank you message


The coffee mug is an incredible gift. You can gift it on any occasion. But this time, you should gift it in a different way.  Gift coffee mug with your company and a thank you message. Nowadays, it is very easy to print anything on the coffee mug. There are lots of labs that do this type of work. If you want, you can add your signature to the mug. This will be a memory for them and their families.



Off day with double pay and party

They work hard every day. Because of their today, you are able to see this day. So the celebration is obvious on this day. Give them off for today with the double pay. Throw a party invites their families along with them, for the party. Order cake online in Delhifor the party, or from the nearby bakery. Cut the cake with them. Do fun, dance, music, food, and let them enjoy it. This will be a wonderful celebration and a gift for them.







Crockery is such a homely gift. If you gift this, your employee’s whole family will use it. It will make them remember about that special day, whenever they will use this. It will enhance the beauty of their kitchen, and food too. In crockery, you can gift the whole dinner set.  If you want you can gift tea set, juice set, etc.  It totally depends on you and your budget. These are so friendly and everyone needy gifts.



Induction and mixer grinder

If you are to give then gift both. If you can gift only one thing, then gift induction or mixer grinder. The mixer grinder is mostly available in the kitchen. But induction is not available in every kitchen. So you can gift induction, it will be a good gift. The mixer grinder is also a great gift.



I have given you lots of choices. So now choose, what is perfect for you,