Dwibhashi’s Herbal Hand Sanitizer is the best Hand sanitizer In the Market. Dwibhashi’s Herbal Hand Sanitizer is purely Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer. It sanitizes your hands and destroys germs and pathogens. One can regularly use this Hand Sanitizer.


Ayurveda has been around since the vedic age over 5,000 year ago. It is a way of life that is in sync with nature in perfect harmony. Ayurveda is a form of healthcare that is natural and derived from all natural elements. Over the time it has forayed into acceptance as a mainstream scientific approach towards healthy life. It has a comprehensive and effective way of diagnosing and curing ailments that pose a challenge even to modern medicine.

Ayurveda has a scientific approach towards a holistic well-being. It aims at eliminating the root cause of an ailment by activating the healing mechanism of a body through naturally derived herbal medicines

Ayurveda has become increasingly popular all around the world and even modern research has confirmed the therapeutic effects of its treatments.


Ayurveda is practised for a healthy life. An Ayurvedic practitioner diagnoses ailments based on the cause of such ailment and prepares a treatment plan that is specifically designed for a particular individual. Ayurveda takes into account the unique physical and emotional build up of an individual and seeks to restore any imbalances that might be causing the ailments through natural treatment.

Natural treatment may include application of natural oil extracts, herbs and massage among other things. The aim is to cleanse accumulated toxins from within the cells and tissues and restore balance within the body.

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