Business is the cognitive art of work, granulate of strategist planning, and efforts of manpower that bridges the success of business goals for ultimate consumers. Sure, every business thrives in the market to increase Customer Retention (CR) rates through exile efforts of digital marketing i.e. Bulk SMS Marketing. 


It is estimated that text marketing is the fastest way to build Customer Relationship. Thus, if you are thinking to build CR/CRM from a nutshell, then you are in favor. 

But how to do the successful bulk sms marketing campaign? How to improve customer retention with text marketing? 

Bulk SMS services in India have catered to businesses to reach their target audience for many years. Not only it helped to increase the target market but also served as an amazing marketing tool for several small, medium and large scale industries. However, with strict rules and certain limitations, finding a bulk SMS service provider in Jaipur could be a tough deal. With EasySMSGateway, you can hit the right spot between quality and affordability. EasySMSGateway is the best in class and user-friendly SMS provider in Jaipur for all your marketing needs.

Today, in this article, I am writing the top 7 alternatives to increase CR or CRM using bulk sms services in 2019, 2020, and beyond. 

Let’s go…!


#1. Create a Sovereign Database

Businesses act for millions of customers and sure you need to manage their databases. You may increase CR by creating a whole new independent database. It helps you to determine buying habits, buying behavior, procurement history, and level of comfort. 

Moreover, it leans enterprise and management to track records and send specific messages in practice to build customer retention rates.


#2. Send Messages with Forenames

According to the survey, it has been noticed that the open rate of sms via forename is higher than usual. So, remember to send messages with their forenames. However, it is no guarantee to say that it surely increases customer retention but it creates a foundation for CRM boost. 


#3. Mark the Important Dates and Events

Do you know that wishing your customer at first, enable you to get a surprise result? It is similar to wish your friend a very happy birthday at first, make a unique impression. So, the same bulk sms marketing works great while sending messages with important dates and events. 


#4. Send Sessional SMS 


For the customer, messages play a very important role when sending promotional bulk sms at a particular occasion/festival/session. At that time, the conversion rate or say the open rate is higher. So, don’t miss this Diwali to extempore your business with new sales via bulk sms services. 


#5. Keep Excellent C.C 

Customer Care support system is one of the biggest impacts on the customer retention rate. Your customers are waiting to get a solution to their problems. Keep good and flexible customer management to treat and solve the queries in minutes. 

Moreover, an excellent record of customer care enables the business to survive for the long-term with a steadfast quality facility. 


#6. Think about New Schemes and Ideas

Wondering how to retain or pursue existing customers and also trap new customers in your business cycle. Then, might you need to think about to send text messages with a new approach, schemes, ideas, and design that haul the customer to act towards your offers.


#7. Permission-Based Targeting

Always remember that Bulk SMS Marketing works on the principle of permission-based marketing technique. Permission-based text marketing refers to encourage the person to sign-up for bulk sms services independently. 

But, a key point to remember is that your messages should only be sent to the targeted audience, not to any random person. 


Summing Up


Thanks for reading this article…! I hope you’re able to collect some valuable dossier. In case, you need any query or service related to bulk sms marketing consider India’s No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider offers lucrative tips, solutions, and services.