Loving yourself in realm of coffee religion

  A brewed drink i.e. coffee is now enjoying new recognition for building relations. This coffee religion is not limited to carefree talks in cafeteria but increasing personal respect by installing your photo on your coffee mug. The unique designing on your t-shirt express the integrity of coffee in everyone’s life. Bringing people together and

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Top Trending Engagement Rings

Take comfort in the fact that nowadays the diamond engagement ring trend is quite diverse, you have so many options to choose from! It is no longer just that round brilliant cut diamond ring that fits the description, people are edging towards more unique designs, cuts and stones. But a diamond is a must, whatever type of

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The Art of Multi-Finger Rings

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” —– Coco Channel—– That advice is super important if you are the type to lather yourself with jewellery and just looking a bit over the top! But with today’s growing trend of minimalism and keeping it classy with a few radiant

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Every Flower Tells a Tale

  La Marquise brings to life floral motifs generously embellished with remarkable diamonds and vivid coloured gemstones. The Floral collection takes inspiration from the twists and curvatures of petals using harmonious proportions of diamonds and gemstones to create an alluring charm in every article of jewellery. Flora is a collection that is jewellery for occasion,

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Get Instant Discount On AJIO

Saveplus is an online site where there are no multi-branded shops we can have. This brings some top stores the best offers, plans, and coupons. To get the great discounts at checkout time, on the Saveplus website, you will get the coupon codes for your selected items. There are various online destinations where you can

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Customised Jewellery Trend

As recently written in an article in the fashion bible, Vogue magazine, “The coolest engaged or married women I know never dreamed of a giant, impressive solitaire; their rings are personal, unique, and unexpected.” What’s the key word in that sentence? ‘Unexpected’. Custom jewellery is not just about reflecting the customer’s unique personality. It’s also

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