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Digital archival management system

Information is a key business differentiator and is worth its weight in gold in the enterprise. We now have the means to access, process, analyze, use and exploit information in its diverse forms. However, as it was mentioned in a social media forward, it looks like we could be drowned in a sea of information. 

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The challenges in ITeS

Impacts of the under delivery after overpromising are: Lost opportunities for the business  Lost advantage relative to competitors Breaches of regulatory compliance Poor stakeholder engagement and loss of trust Reduced business process efficiency due to poor solution design Employee distractions & Disappointments resulting higher attrition Negative impact on the bottom line            The effect of

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Rummy Indian Game and Its Variations

Rummy Indian Game Rummy Indian Game and Its Variations If you are a Rummy lover, you must have heard about 13 cards Rummy Indian game. It has different variations loved by many people in India. But do you know about 21 cards Rummy game? This one is another excellent version of Rummy. People of southern

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