The Howell City Council met virtually Monday night and approved various resolutions related to a large wastewater treatment plant project.

The project involves various improvement and upgrades at the plant to help continue meeting compliance and changing regulations. The peak flow and organic capacity will be expanded and a new sludge dewatering system added. Council unanimously approved a resolution to tentatively award a construction contract for $12.9 (m) million dollars to the low bidder, Granger Construction of Lansing, contingent upon successful financial arrangements with the state loan. A proposal for construction engineering services from the City’s engineering firm was also approved in the amount of $1.3 (m) million dollars. The plan includes a full-time inspector on-site during the construction phase of the new plant. Per contract, the firm will only invoice the City for actual time spent on the project.

The multi-jurisdictional and private partner project is to be funded through the state’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund program, a low-interest loan. The total loan amount submitted for the project was $16.5 (m) million but staff said hopefully they won’t need that full amount. Pepsi, which operates a plant in Howell and currently processes its own waste, is contributing $4-million toward the project and the rest will be split between split between Marion Township and the City. Pursuant to the Revenue Bond Act, Council adopted an ordinance to provide for the acquisition and construction of additions, extensions and improvements to the City’s sewage disposal.

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