Wave soldering can be described as a soldering process carried on a massive scale. In this process, electronic parts are soldered to a PCB (printed circuit board) to build an electronic assembly. It is called wave soldering because of the reason that this specific soldering process involves the use of waves of molten solder to fix metal components to the printed circuit board. Desktop Wave Soldering Machine can be the right choice if your factory or the workshop venue is not so spacious. Their compact size helps to accommodate the system appropriately in space-restricted rooms.

Customized pallet exclusive to DWS-200

Wave soldering is traditionally in practice and the commonest soldering process in use. You can quickly set up this and can solder multiple numbers of boards within the shortest possible timeframe. These few reasons have worked in favor of wave soldering procedure for years now. If you also prefer to opt for this soldering method and you can run your projects using this method, then choosing this kind of machine will be useful. Buying a DWS200 desktop wave soldering machine from 1ClickSMT can be beneficial to the users. The machines come with impressive functionalities and configurations that can cater suitably to satisfy wave soldering automation needs.


Ease of operation

Touch screen and the display

DWS-200 is a CE-certified desktop compact-sized wave soldering system with loads of useful and relevant features. It comes installed with a PLC and touch screen controlling system that facilitates easing and simplifying the operation procedures. The screen clearly displays the preheating time, temperature settings, speed reading, and other useful settings. One can easily keep track of the display readings and operate accordingly. The stepper motor available along can monitor the dual wave nozzles, and the operator can exercise direct control on adjusting the heights via the touch screen.

Independent controlling of speed and the preheating

The machine comes with independent speed and preheating control flux. This mechanism allows the operator to set the pace and temperature reading separately than the wave soldering process. This independence in setting the speed and preheating separately ensures stimulation of wave soldering production in bulk. The machine can set the preheating time that helps in making sure 100% preheating soldering machine (wave). The system also comes designed with a single bottom preheating with an infrared heating panel. PID regulated heating system also does not go missing from the feature list of this desktop wave soldering machine, from 1ClickSMT.

Foam spraying, solder pot, plus the conveyor system

The foam spray system adds more to this tool, whereby foam fluxing can be done more quickly and with greater efficiency. The foam flux system consists of a compressed air control valve, foamed pipe, and a 2-liter flux tank. The stainless soldering pot capacity can accommodate a maximum of 70kg of the soldering substance. Both the solder pot and the wave nozzle is made using Titanium. It also features a singular rain chain conveyor system for soldering with pallet.

Titanium soldering pot and wave nozzle

There are other suitable options available on bench-top wave soldering systems flooding the market. As 1ClickSMT is an experienced and reputed company operating for years now, buying from us can offer you peace of mind regarding the quality of our machine ranges. Our installation and after-sale services are also worth appreciating. In brief, our clients confide in us, and once you let us serve you, you too, will value us.

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