Economics is the generation, distribution, and consumption of products. Economics is divided into two parts Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Economics is the most significant topic for the development of the nation and it is crucial to learn the basics entirely, to understand the status of the nation at a higher level. Economics is a vast and complex subject and learning basics will help students to understand the subject at a complex level at further stages. Learning became easy if we learn the practical application of a subject. The Extramarks app provides revision notes for the ISCE Class 10th Economics Applications of the complete syllabus.
Starting from the basics, learn about topics like Elasticity of Demand, Theory of supply, Factors of Production, Nature, and Structure of Markets, Inflation, and Commerical Banks, etc. The app consists of Chapter-wise modules. The modules have Topic-wise notes and practice test papers. The app consists of of of progress meter which guides you about your performance in the test papers. The app provides you with solved previous year question paper with proper marking scheme. Improves MCQ Questions for the practice. Solutions to textbooks questions that are solved by experts are also available as they can’t be ignored while preparing for exams. It also covers the question that has a high probability of coming into Exams. Learning through a digital app can also help students to get rid of those tiering tuition classes and traveling and students can learn at the comfort of their home.
The app also provides step by step solution to the textbook question with marking scheme. The marking scheme will help students to remember what steps are important to mention in the exam. The app also provides a learning assistant named Alex to learn in a better way. It helps to make learning fun. Here students can also get study material in PDF and PPT form and download them. Don’t get scared of Economics became an expert in it. Preparing a step ahead of the class through the Extramarks app. It helps students gain confidence and get free of exam pressure. As a result, the student can get good marks in the final exams.
Class 10 Economic Applications are important to read about and understand since it is crucial to understand the basic application of knowledge gained. Extramarks allows you to understand Class 10 Economic Applications better and clears all your doubts about Economics.