Setting aside figurative expressions, we can boldly say that whatever the situation, a ‘comfy’ attire can always lift the mood, fight illness and make sure our mental and physical wellbeing is set straight.

Kurtis for women are the traditional casuals; easy to wear, comfortable, and fashionable. Starting from your day-to-day lives to even parties, the right Kurti will always keep you looking chic with the least effort.


Comfort is of the utmost priority when it comes to finding the right kurti.The best clothing to use during the summer season are made of breathable natural fibres like cotton and linen. The goal is to allow the clothes to breathe and air to flow. Clothes made of thick or mixed fabric (cotton + synthetic) keep air trapped which leads to an uncomfortable hot, restless and sweaty body.

So, Cotton and linen are your best bet. These are affordable and can easily be tailored. As for something fancier — silks, crepes and georgettes are popular. With designer houses offering a wide range of stunning designer cotton kurti you can never go wrong.


Kurtis come in a number of cuts, all catered to each woman’s personal style. 

A regular tunic cut is a classic and it never goes out of style for the kurti. On the other hand, some more uncommon cuts like the asymmetric, with tails or slits, can look very stylish and yet very comfortable. Depending on cut a whole lot of variety of kurti is defined as:

A line kurti , boat neck kurti, front slit kurti , side slit kurti , short kurti , Kurti with jacket , cold shoulder kurti , front open kurti , high low kurti and frock kurti 


Colours matter and its basic science! During days when you are overloaded with heat, exhaustion and humidity — you will feel drowned, especially if you have clothes in darker shades on. In the tropics, the temptation is to always put on a shade that’s soothing to the eyes and also feels extremely comfortable.

The whole tone of kurtis  present a casual mood, even amidst the fanciest of occasions. Soft, subtle shades are perfect in every form. For offices and classes, muted shades look just right.

Jewel tones are best for fancier events. Pastels and its different combinations are usually a popular choice too. Lately, multi-colours within a subtle shade of white/beige are trending.


Patterns in more muted casuals are quite common; from stripes to floral prints, most patterns are perfect as an everyday ‘go-to’ wear. Thread embroidery are adored, looks gorgeous, and are great for both casual and fancy occasions. For parties and special celebrations, intricate gold, pearl, and sequins look astonishingly well.

The complementary

Casual days demand simple leggings, jeans or shalwar, along with delicate accessories to set the right tone for a kurti. To dress-up, pair it with a fancier pair of pants with embroideries; tulip/flared pants are also doing the rounds at the moment. Lastly, pair your kurti with the right shoes and accessories and you can never go wrong.

With stilettos, clutches and nude makeup, you should definitely be able to turn a few heads around.