Fetal Fotos provide a safe and validated technology to help allow women and their families to invest further in pregnancy. Fetal Fotos offer quality, affordable ultrasound while enhancing the traditional experience through a family-centered environment. We are providing specialized 3D/4D imagery. Our patients only enjoy the highest quality of healthcare and services.

Fetal Fotos provides massage, ultrasound, and photography. We give full-body Swedish massage. Our pricing for massage varies for prenatal & postpartum massage and couple massages. A combination of gentleness and soothing strokes will help your body enjoy the changes that occur during pregnancy.

Fetal Fotos has an affordable ultrasound service designed to enhance the daily ultrasound experience to better meet the needs and concerns of patients. We offer ultrasounds in 2D and 3D/4D. 2D Ultrasound is most widely used for gender determination. 3D/4D imagery is available in every stage of your pregnancy.

We believe in the power of self-care and that strong women who are positive are important to every community. Join us to learn about the topics that are planned to support you during and after pregnancy for one of our monthly classes.