The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or IB Diploma program helps your child develop essential skills, beyond their academic rigor, skills that would be useful for them through their life.
The IB program was first established in the late 1960s by the International Baccalaureate Organization or IBO in Geneva. IB Diploma program aims at providing academic excellence in many international schools globally, which include the top 10 IB schools in Mumbai as well. It includes a comprehensive two-year pre-university program that challenges the fellow students and their teacher to exceed and surpass their own expectations.
Researches that have been conducted around the world regarding IB Diploma proves how effective and efficient the program really is. The researches also highlight the advantages and benefits that students gain from it. Here are a few benefits that your child would have by going to an IB school:
It Could Positively Impact the Child’s University Admissions

There was recently a study conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency or HESA that shows that IB Diploma graduates had a better chance at achieving admission in the best 20 institutions for higher education in the UK, when compared to other children who had achieved similar educational qualification from other boards. Another research on post-secondary outcomes and experiences of IB Diploma graduates showed that while IB Diploma graduates are more likely to score admission in great universities, in addition to that, they had better chances of getting enrolled in some of best, selective universities, and also stay enrolled, while successfully performing better at their academics.
Helps Develop Better Sense of Being Global Citizen

There are more than 150 different countries in the world that currently offer IB Diploma, and it includes the top 10 IB schools in Mumbai too. Colleges and universities in more than ninety different countries accept the IB Diploma results. The Graduates from IB schools have successfully surpassed worldwide standards of being able to achieve academic excellence, and this gives them the confidence that is required to pursue higher learning in the future. Graduates from IB schools Mumbai and elsewhere enjoy additional benefits when it comes to elite educational institutions: Graduates from IB schools are 21.6 percent more likely to score admission into the best prestigious university in US, which includes Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton.

Instills Time-Management & Critical-Thinking Skills

A study was conducted by Chicago’s Post-Secondary Transition Project – it showed that graduates from IB schools had much stronger learning and academic skills, when compared to graduates from other schools, and this was especially true in the care of analytical writing skills. Aforementioned study also found that graduates from IB schools tend to demonstrate abilities to look beyond the details, and thereby analyze the sources and even test the consensus further. Additionally, graduates from the IB schools also tend to be fast learners and develop much better study habits by setting aside time and fixing a routine for their homework, revisions as well as assignments, thus avoiding dustractions.