How Teaching Autonomy Can Be Promoted With Best Practices?

Basically, teacher autonomy means professional freedom of the students in the institutes. In the education center, they want to make autonomous decisions about the methods of teaching. In the advanced world, teacher autonomy is becoming a gigantic issue and center of discussion due to educational policies. Ancient And Modern Method Of Teaching The teaching method has been completely changed then the old once. In the ancient period, teachers have complete independence about their teaching method; indeed, they were producing outstanding results and intellectual men for the future. In the modern and advanced world, teachers are depended on the state and they have to follow all the rules and regulations that authority has fixed for them. Teachers’ self-determination So, they don’t have the freedom to teach children what they want, even, teachers have to follow the syllabus of the state. It seems that teachers are the propagandist and they are merely the puppet in the hands of the state. They have no freedom to mould the students according to their wishes. If teaching autonomy will become establish then they will produce. As we know that teaching autonomy is one of the beneficial elements in building the trust of the students and lack … Continue reading How Teaching Autonomy Can Be Promoted With Best Practices?