Hindi is an ancient language. It evolved from Sanskrit at around 11th century AD. It is a official language of India and spoken by more than 1.4 billion people. There are two parts of hindi language i.e. Vyakaran and Sahitiya. Shitiya mainly deals with epics, poems and stories while Vyakaran lays down the foundation of the language. It is similar to grammar in English, which descibes the principles of formation of words, use of phonetics and semantics. Following are the main parts of vyakaran

  • Sangya
  • Sarvnaam
  • Visheshan
  • Kriya
  • KriyaVishehan
  • Sanyojak
  • Sambandh suchak

The best way to learn this is to refer the cirriculum laid down by CBSE for hindi vyakaran for class 10.