Strong command of the organized players in the market, increasing purchase power of the consumers, luxurious lifestyle adaptability, awareness related to the solar water heater, the strong competition in the industry, and the emerging threat of more new entrants made the Indian Water Heater Market sales by volume to increase. According to the recently published reports of Bonafide Research “Indian Water Heater Overview“, the technology being smarter and smarter is one of the factors responsible for the increasing market size of the world water heater market by volume. The increasing economy, government policies, and unpredictable season are responsible for the growing water heater market in India. The manufacturers are thriving to manufacture water heaters with added features keeping the price-sensitive customers in mind. In India, the penetration of the water heater market is still low, at around 10%. This signifies that the potential for the category to grow is immense. With disposable income in Indian households going up, penetration is definitely going to increase. It is also pertinent to note that water heater ownership is not restricted to a single unit in a household, but has the potential for multiple units. Water heaters are basically an appliance that is used to heat water in various purposes. The residential sector is the main market of the water heater market. The Indian water heating market is dominated by electric water heaters. Gas water heaters are becoming more popular, but there is little infrastructure, and gas prices are very high. However, there are constant electricity shortages in India, and gas and solar water heaters are one way to ensure hot water is available, so they are becoming more popular. The demand for water heaters is not only related to new construction. The retro market is also buzzing where consumers in old constructions are going in for new technology-enabled water heaters which help them save on their electricity billings. The Indian consumer is more money conscious now and understands the relevance of electrical savings. Thus to cut down on the monthly electricity bills, people are going in for energy efficient electrical appliances which service them with the least consumption of electricity. The growth of new dwellings, along with rising disposable incomes of households, has thrown up more opportunities for water heater manufacturers. Today’s customer has an expectation of a better standard of living and is, hence, willing to spend more on better-equipped and good-looking bathrooms. The housing industry is also contributing with more and more developers nowadays offering water heaters as a standard fixture in bathrooms/kitchens. There is also an inclination towards the use of solar water heaters, which are environment-friendly and cost-saving. The total volume sale of the Indian water heater industry was estimated to be cross 2.93 Million units by 2014 by registering a CAGR of less than 10% in the period from 2010 to 2014.