To put it plain and simple, PPC is the future of digital advertising. Only with PPC can a business absolutely know for sure that they are being seen by the right potential customers at the right time, the time they are preparing to make a purchase. You cannot put a price tag on that kind of successful targeting! As a marketing agency, you know this is the type of service you should be offering your clients. Yet, it is not as easy as it sounds. PPC is hard! When done correctly, it is time consuming and detail oriented. When done incorrectly, it costs your clients too much money and you will have very little to show for it.


This is why the prospect of bringing in a white label PPC agency is growing in popularity. There are industry experts out there who will do all the hard work, while you get all the credit from your end clients. Reaching out to a white label company for a free demonstration is a wonderful idea if:


#1 You want to offer PPC and currently cannot. PPC is really only successful when done by experts. Are you an expert in paid online ads? Do you have a team member who is? This isn’t something that is simple enough to roll up under your social media coordinator’s current workload or should be handled by the same person who handles SEO. If you don’t have the right person on your staff and don’t have the budget to bring in a new hire, a white label agency is the perfect solution.


#2 You would prefer to go back to focusing on other aspects of marketing. Some marketers specialize in niche aspects of digital marketing, like content writing, graphic design, or social media. Perhaps you are better suited for sales or management of the company all together. When someone else is handling PPC, you can get back to doing what you do best!


#3 Your competition is getting ahead of you. Make no mistake, your competition is offering this service. If you cannot provide PPC service, you should expect to lose your current clients to others who can give them the full-service marketing solutions they are looking for. Don’t let that happen!


#4 Your clients are asking for it. You never want to tell a client no. If you are fielding questions about PPC from your current clients, you should take it as a sign that this is a service you need to be offering. They want the benefits that a well-done PPC campaign can bring to their company! You don’t need to be the one doing the ads to be seen as the company delivering the results they are looking for.


There are many reasons that white label PPC management may be a good move for your company. Make today the day you look more into it. You may just find yourself wondering why you took so long to finally bring in the help you need!