Vaping is beneficial to health for people who want to quit smoking. And a cost analysis between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is very common. Smokers who want to switch from smoking to e-cigarette often asked about it. In general, the potential impact of vaping on your budget can be surprising for you. It is very less as compared to smoking but the question is how less?

Switching to vaping saves money and we have discussed this difference in numbers. You surely would want to know it before buying an E Cigarette Online for you.

Smoking Cost

Price is usually different for cigarettes as every brand has its own price tag. That’s why we are going to take the average cost per pack. It is £10.80 in the UK for a 20 cigarettes pack. We can easily calculate the annual smoking cost for a person who smokes 1 pack per day. So, 20 cigarettes per day for a year means:

£10.80 x 365 days = £3,942

That’s a lot of money spent on smoking, not to mention other expenses like health issues.

Vaping Cost

The cost of vaping depends on various factors and is a little bit complicated. That’s why we have divided it into small sections with respect to components.

A vape comprises of the following parts:

  • An e-cigarette
  • Vape tank
  • E-liquid
  • Coils
  • Battery

Cost for E-cigarettes

The average price for an e-cigarette of good quality is around £25 but there are cheap alternatives as well. Whereas you will need a vaping tank for liquid which usually costs £20. Hence, the kit along with the tank will cost around £45.

Cost for E-liquids

E-liquid is an important and necessary component of a vape kit. These liquids come in various flavors and need frequent refilling. Normally, it takes around 2 weeks for a vaper to end a 10ml bottle. However, the time period can be 1 week if you are a heavy vaper.

Usually, an e-liquid bottle with good taste can cost around £3.39. For a person who vapes a 10ml bottle per week, the number of bottles per year will be 52. And for the annual liquid supply, the total cost will be around £150. However, the cost of flavors can be less if you can find a deal.

Cost for Coils

Electronic cigarettes use coils to offer a similar experience like traditional cigarettes. A coil usually lasts for 2 weeks and after that, you have to replace it. Yours vape will taste bad with old coils and will become worse with time. The use of the coil also depends on e-liquid type and how frequently you vape.

A normal vaper will use 1 coil for 2 weeks and hence, he or she will require 26 coils. These usually come in packs and each pack contains 5 coils. The average cost of a pack is £11.00. A common user will require 6 packs of coils per year with a few spares. Hence, you will be spending £66.00 per year on coils.

Cost for a Battery

Electronic cigarettes consume power and run on batteries. You don’t have to replace the battery because usually, it is rechargeable. So, you don’t have to change the battery but let’s take it into account as well. You can buy a good spare battery for your e-cigarette for about £10.

Total E-Cigarette Cost

Now that you have known about all the expenses, let’s calculate the total cost for an e-cigarette.

E-cigarette & Vape Tank = £45

E-liquid cost = £150

Coils expense = £66.00

Spare battery = £10

Total Cost for vaping = £271 per year

The annual cost of smoking in the UK is £3,942 whereas for vaping it is £271 per year. Hence, vaping is a lot less expensive than smoking.