Jhalana Safari Park (Jaipur)

Jhalana Safari is a natural area situated in the middle of Jaipur which is popular for its leopards. Jhalana Safari Park is a primitive forest in itself. Where outside the park you can see the industrial areas of Jaipur city, that is why leopards never come out of the forest.

Let us tell you that Jhalana Safari or Gypsy Safari is made available for tourists in Jhalana Safari Park, which is considered to be the main attraction of Jhalana Safari Park. Wildlife can be seen closely during the Jhalana Safari. So if you are planning to visit in Jaipur, then you can also enjoy Jhalana Safari.

The Amazing Time Of Jhalana Safari Park In Jaipur

If you are planning a trip to Jhalana Safari in Jaipur, then tell you that October to March is considered to be the best time for Jhalana Safari. Jhalana Safari is the ideal time for a safari as the weather is very pleasant during this time. And in this season, you can be seen sunbathing during the safari.

Amazing Food Of Jaipur hotels (Near By Jhalana Safari) 

Let’s proceed to the breakfast journey of Jaipur. Actually, the food of Rajasthan is something Diffrent and Amazing . Dry vegetables are used more in the mines here. Whether it is a vegetable of Carr Sangri or Garlic Chutney (mouth gets watery when talking.)

As you know, the food of Jaipur means the best food.

Here is the famous kitchen dal baati churma.

Dal baati churma, bajra roti, gatta sabzi can be taken in the plate found here. The fun of eating dal baati with ghee is different. After making the baati, it is immersed in a bowl filled with ghee, which increases its taste manifold. Although satisfaction will not get a wick immersed in ghee, but ghee is given separately.

Entry fees of Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur.

If you are planning a Jhalana Safari in Jaipur, then let us tell you that the fee of a gypsy for Indian tourists is 4500 rupees which is for a maximum of 6 persons and if you need a guide then for that you will get 5500. Rent will have to be paid.

And while for foreign tourists, a gypsy fee of Rs 5500 and a guide together will cost you 6500 rupees, which can include a maximum of 6 passengers.

Distance Between Jaipur and Jhalana Safari Park

The journey from Jaipur to Jhalana takes 13 minutes. The driving distance between Jaipur and Jhalana is 11 kilometers or 6.8 miles or 5.9 nautical miles. Travel time is the time taken by a car to travel a distance. In the table above, you can see the driving distance in different units i.e. kilometers, miles and knots. 1 mile is approximately 1608 meters. 1 nautical mile is actually 1853 meters. You can see the map of the route below. Click and zoom on the map to better understand the route and better plan your trip.