With every service turning into an on-demand service, people can now live their lives without stepping out of their comfort zone and their homes. There is an online app for every service in the market. But, wouldn’t users prefer a single app that provides all these online services? It would save them a lot of storage space and time. A multi-service app like GoJek will cater to the needs of the people efficiently. It will contain services such as healthcare, food and grocery delivery, plumbing services, mechanic services, and more. You can include any service of your choice to the app and launch it in the market. 

Premium attributes of a GoJek clone app:

The multi-service clone app should include all the essential attributes to become an instant hit in the market. A few of them are listed below:

Social media account login:

Users can log in to the app via their social media accounts. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are supported. 

Address list: 

Customers can save their frequently used addresses to the list available in the app. This will help them choose the location easily the next time they place a request. 

Scheduled appointments:

They can schedule multiple appointments by mentioning the correct location, date, and time for each request. They will be alerted via push notifications or text messages a few hours before the appointment. 

Preferred language:

The facility to view the app in any language of the user’s choice is also available. Users across the world will be able to use your app with ease using this feature. 

Live location:

Service providers and users can get access to each other’s live location and contact details such as name and phone number. 

Hassle-free payment gateways:

The payment gateways integrated into the app should be secure. It should not track any banking information. 

Detailed invoices:

Users will be able to view invoices with information such as total fare, operation costs, service availed, and other additional information. 

Setting fares:

The admin can set the base fare, surge fee, and more via the powerful admin dashboard. 

Availability toggle:

Service providers will have an availability slider in their panel to indicate the availability status. If they are unavailable, user requests will be diverted to other service providers. 

God’s eye view:

This facility will help the admin view the total earnings, user and driver data, services availed, and more. 


The admin can also cut-down commission before transferring the earnings to service providers. 

Membership packages:

The admin can offer membership or subscription plans to users under which certain rewards will be unlocked. This package will be valid for a limited period, after which users have to renew it by paying a fixed price. 

Ratings and review system:

Service providers and users can rate each other on a scale of 5 and mention any suggestions in the respective section of the app. 


If you are a business owner providing multiple services, then you can develop an efficient GoJek clone app with the essential features mentioned in this blog. It will help you reach the target audience easily and generate higher revenue.