Students of Class 8 dread CBSE Social Science. Not only is the syllabus enormous but it comprises of three very hefty subjects – History, Civics and Geography. All of these subjects require the students to constantly memorise and revise the facts and figures in order to retain them efficiently for a longer period of time. Students are often overwhelmed by the immensity of the syllabus and often shrank away from their textbooks. This leads to the students either losing interest in the subject altogether or developing some sort of fear of the subject which may manifest into terrible examination anxiety. The Social Science NCERT Class 8 textbooks are very dense and hard to get through. The paragraphs are deprived of joyful images and are packed with black and white printed test. This dissuades the students from picking up their textbooks at all. Many find the long, seemingly endless paragraphs very intimidating as well. The concepts are also very often very haphazardly placed throughout the length of the chapter, making it extremely difficult for the students to locate and relate them to each other. Thus, many are forced to seek refuge in a hunt for a reliable source of secondary guidance. The market is full of reference textbooks for Social Science NCERT Class 8. However, the students would very little market knowledge will be in a very exploitative position as they would not know which book might suit their needs. Some may even join coaching institutes or hire private tutors. Neither of them will be able to guarantee high scores in exams or be fruitful in explaining the concepts at all. They can also become a very high prolonged expense which may last for the entire academic year. E-learning websites and apps like the Extramarks app provides high-quality study materials and other reference guides on Social Science NCERT for class 8. The app acts like a one-stop destination which would tend to all the needs of the students. The app uses high quality, professionally produced animated video tutorials (which have been proven to explain the concepts better and the human brain is most likely to remember and retain the concepts learnt through any audiovisual medium better), tables, web charts easy-to-memorise chapter summaries, NCERT solutions etc. to help the students become efficient learners. Download the Extramarks app now and experience a new and interactive way of learning and become thorough with topics in Social Science NCERT Class 8.

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