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Play Online Rummy for Yummy Food in Your Tummy

There are not many better motivators in the world than food, probably money and now you can play online rummy to achieve both easily.

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There are many places that will take your palette on a journey throughout India but this article focuses on Bengaluru and the numerous food havens some hidden and some very evidently the best around the city play online Rummy and win money which you can then use for a well-deserved break from your daily routine in a few of these places.

When You Play Online Rummy You Have 13 Cards and Just Like That This List Has 13 Places.

1. Sly Granny – The Community House

This laidback rustic and very elegant lounge comes with a very sophisticated feeling accompanied by great music played at a volume where you don’t have to shout at the person sitting in front of you to get your point across.

The food over here speaks for itself with a great menu for all three important meals of the day.

Dent on the wallet – 1500 approximate

2. Fenny’s Lounge And Kitchen

A go to lounge setting for everyone who’s been in Bangalore be it for a get together with friends, a dinner with family or a corporate dinner.

They’re famous for their sizzlers so don’t miss out on getting a vintage Fenny’s sizzler while you’re here and obviously the wood fire pizza which is a personal favourite.

Dent on the wallet – 1000 approximate

3. Socials

Another place that needs no introduction is Socials, a place that is just right for any event with any age group.

The menu runs long and their desire to deliver upon the standards set by them across India is very visible.

Dent on the wallet – 1000 approximate

4. Punjab Grill

This is place is for all those people who love their butter chicken and naan with extra butter, one of the best North Indian restaurants in the city. Play online rummy for free and bulk up on your order at this authentic Indian fine dining restaurant.

Dent on the wallet – 1000 approximately

5. The Fatty Bao – Asian Gastro Bar

Don’t miss out on this authentic Japanese culinary experience right here in Bengaluru with a fun decor and courteous staff makes this place a must visit after your good fortune while you play online rummy.


One of the most authentic Asian food available in Bengaluru, casual dining met with a splash of fine dining as well. The open kitchen and mouthwatering desserts are a bonus.

Dent on the wallet – 1200 approximately

7. Karavalli – The Gateway Hotel

The yummiest Konkan and Mangalorean food available in Bengaluru in a fine dining setup. The fine dining experience comes with a fine price tag which can be made affordable after a few good games when you play online rummy.

Dent on the wallet – 1700 approximately

8. Fava

Fava is a Mediterranean gem with exquisite delicacies from around the world as well, they are known for their healthy choices available in their menu. The shawarma and dozen mezze are a must try.

Dent on the wallet – 1200 approximately

9. Farzi Cafe

Bringing their modern twist to classic Indian dishes by doing which an element of fun and intrigue behind each dish and adding somehow more flavor to make the food a completely unmissable experience. Play online rummy for free and find yourself having the tastiest lamb burger in my opinion.

Dent on the wallet – 1400 approximately

10. The Globe Grub

Taking the buffet experience to the next level both on the price front and the taste as well. A place which is frequented often by corporate setups and many families for their enticing buffets, play online rummy while enjoying your buffet and have a fun dining experience.

Dent on the wallet – 800 approximately

11. Windmills Craftworks

Easily one of the coziest places in Bengaluru to enjoy a great meal and an overall great experience, serving their famous delicacies from America and their famed North Indian cuisine as well.

Dent on the wallet – 1300 approximately

12. Dock Frost’d

Desserts and Beverages which are the buzz of the city, if you think of desserts you have to try Dock Frost’d and their famous waffles and various ice creams flavours.

Dent on the wallet – 300 approximately

13. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Classic and yet brilliant, one of the places you have to visit after you play online rummy for free because you don’t have to win big to enjoy here but just win and go have the best filter coffee along with kharabath or a vada and enjoy your day!

Dent on the wallet – 150 approximately

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