Extending its CSR & Social Upliftment activities, Nayara Energy led an initiative to support the cause of reforestation.

The campaign was branded as Seed Ball Initiative. Through this initiative, Nayara Energy successfully planted 2000 trees & 300 seed balls to revive local ecology. In accordance with the local village communities around the refinery, Nayara took an initiative to convert 183 acres of wasteland to fodder land. With the support of its employees, Nayara expanded on the initiative to help restore the nearby ecosystem using seed balls and reforestation.


This comes right after Project Tushti, wherein Nayara partnered with the Gujrat government to tackle malnutrition. The company which operates the country’s second-largest single-site refinery in the region has played a pivotal role in improving the quality of life of the communities through several sustainable development projects in areas of health and nutrition, education and the environment.


Some of the prominent social upliftment campaigns by Nayara include:


-Sustainable Rural Development- Developing sustainable habitats:

The programs include common infrastructure development including roads, gaushalas, sanitation units, community halls, anganwadis, health centres.


-Education: Developing intelligent and conscientious communities:

Programs include developing school infrastructure, teacher training, computer-aided learning,

complimenting mid-day meal program, remedial classes, life skill education, program for children with different abilities, higher education programs, spoken English, promoting sports and supporting sports facilities, providing/supporting vocational training programs.


– Healthcare and Wellbeing: Developing healthy individuals and families:

Programs include establishing and managing community/ primary health centres, health

extension centres, hospital, preventive healthcare programs, outreach/ awareness programs, building cadre of healthcare professionals, road safety programs.


-Environmental Sustainability: Sustaining biodiversity through responsible communities:

Programs include solid waste management, water conservation through rainwater harvesting,

surface water conservation, promoting judicious water usage, promoting technology to conserve water, water bodies conservation, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency practices, protection of flora and fauna, agro forestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining of quality of soil, air and water.


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