Different video streaming applications can now turn your SmartPhone into a handy recording tool. Applications like QiK and Ustream have turned ordinary people, like you and me, into citizen journalists, short film directors and even live concert producers. There is actually much more to applications like QiK and Ustream than just video streaming your baby’s first step and sharing this to the world. We’ll let you in on five creative ways to use video streaming applications on your SmartPhone.  pinoy teleserye

1. Keep everyone updated on the important events in your life. Is your grandma too weak to travel all the way to your college graduation? Will your best friend miss your 18th birthday because she’s in another country? Keep all your loved ones in the loop by using your SmartPhone and a video streaming application to live stream important events. Even people from all over the world were able to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration live, thanks to those who used apps like QiK and Ustream on their phones.

2. Hold a live concert online. Do you have a band and want to make it big outside of your country? Prepare to hold a live concert online through your SmartPhone and either QiK or Ustream. Announce on your website that you will be playing live for all those who are members of your fan page. Set up your mobile phone and video streaming application to record video, and get ready to rock the socks off your viewers. This is a surefire way to market your band abroad and to gain more fans and followers.

3. Catch up with schoolwork or projects if you can’t attend class. Don’t get left behind if you have to stay home for a while because you’re sick or you have to rest. You can have your classmates record video of the classes and live stream this via QiK or Ustream websites. You can even join group discussions or study groups virtually by letting your friends use their phones to video stream discussions.