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Teach Batch

Teach Batch

A long time ago, the king of Pratapgarh had no child. The king decided that he would choose only one of the children of his kingdom as his successor. With this intention, one day all the children were called. The king announced that he would choose any of the children present as his heir.

He then distributed a small bag among all the children…. or spoke,

“Dear children, the bag is given to you all contains seeds with different kinds. Only one seed has been given to each child… You have to take it to your home and put it in a pot. After 6 months we will again gather here and at that time I will decide who will be the next teacher of Pratapgarh after me?

Among those boys, there was also a boy named Dhruv. Like the rest of the children, he too happily reached back home with the seeds.

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With the help of her mother, she chose a flowerpot and would take care of it better.

Days started to pass, but even after a week or two, there was no sign of the plant in Dhruv’s pot.

At the same time, the produce was showing in the pots of some children nearby.

Dhruv thought that his seed might be different… and after a few days, some of it came out.

And thinking like this, he kept taking care of the pot with diligence. But even after three months, her flowerpot was empty.

On the other hand, a lot of plants had grown in the pots of the rest of the children. In some, fruits and flowers were also visible.

Seeing the empty flowerpot of Dhruv, everyone would make fun of him… and laugh at him… Even some older elders would refuse to work in vain.

But despite this, Dhruk Dhruv did not give up and continued to take care of the pot.

By the time 6 months have passed and the day has come before the king to take his flowerpot.

Dhruv was worried because he still did not find anything in the pot. He started thinking in his mind-

If I went in front of a king like this, how much everyone would laugh at me… and somewhere the king got angry with me and punished me… no one would believe that I used to pour water in the seeds every day… everyone would think about how lazy!

Mother was understanding the problem of Dhruv, she put eyes in Dhruv’s eyes and said-

“Whatever the result, you must return the seed given to the king!”

On the fixed day, all the children gathered in the palace grounds. There was an amber of more plants than one… The whole palace had become fragrant with the fragrance of colorful flowers.

Seeing the empty flowerpot of Dhruv, the other children were making fun of him when the king’s arrival was announced.

All the children stood in their place in peace… Only one question was going on inside them…

Who will become the king?
The king started moving from among the children… He used to stand up from wherever the children passed and tried to prove themselves, worthy heirs.

After seeing all the beautiful plants, the king’s eyes fell on the pole.

“what happened? Why is your flowerpot empty? ”, The king asked.

“Yes, I used to pour water in it every day… I used to show the sunshine … For 6 months I looked after it completely, but still, the plant did not come out of it ..”, Dhruva said with some hesitation.

The king proceeded to look at the other pots and when after seeing all the pots, he addressed the children-

“You guys worked hard to prove yourself… Most people want to be king at any cost, but there is a boy who came here empty-handed…. Dhruv, you come here to me… ”

Dhruva felt strange to be called like this in front of everyone.

He slowly started to move

As soon as the king took his flowerpot and showed it to the other children… all started laughing.

“Calm down!”, The king said aloud, ”

6 months ago I gave you seeds and asked you to come with your plants. The seeds that I gave you were barren… no matter what you care for, nothing is out of it… but it is a pity that there is only one pole in your midst which is present here empty-handed.

You all should learn from him… First, he showed honesty and did not plant any of the seeds like the people, but did not plant the second seed… and then showed the joy of coming here with an empty pot… despite knowing how much people Will laugh… how humiliated he will have to be!

I declare that Dhruva will be the next king of Pratapgarh. It is the result of his honesty!

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