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Forklift, friend or foe?

It’s no secret that forklift-related incidences in the workplace have adverse effects for all parties involved. On the one hand, these incidences result in hefty finical penalties which are incurred by the employer, and on the other hand, the same Read More
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How can electric tugs make your hospital more efficient?

How often do you think of hospitals? Many would say, never, apart from where many of us start-out and, most probably, where many will spend their final days, too. But in recent times, we have thought about hospitals more times Read More
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What is an Electric Tug ? And How It Is Useful for Companies in Material Handling?

Electric Tugs are battery operated machines used to move heavy loads on wheels to help Transport Your Load on Wheels Efficiently and Ergonomically. It is always a burdensome and ergonomically irresponsible job. The moving of heavy shopping cars, hospital beds, Read More
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