Metal fabrication in NYC and other locations involves a process of manipulating different metals to create a variety of end products. Workers use specialized techniques in both aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal fabrication. The mining and construction industries have come to rely on metal fabrication.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

During the process, sheet metal fabrication companies will work to cut, bend, and assemble the metal to create the final product. This often happens in a machine shop. The workers will use specialized tools and methods. These methods may include welding, brazing, and heat treatments, among others.

There are many material forms that workers use during stainless steel sheet metal fabrication. These materials include:

  • Plate metal
  • Formed metal
  • Tube stock
  • Castings
  • Welding wire
  • Square stock
  • Fittings
  • Hardware

Sheet metal fabrication companies will cut the metal pieces and form them to their final shape. Burning and welding are two processes used to put the pieces together. Sheet metal fabrication results in many products, including frames, metal store fixtures, and other components.

Aluminum Fabrication

Many industries prefer aluminum because the material is strong, lightweight, and cost-efficient. It also does not corrode easily, making aluminum ideal for applications in harsh conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Aluminum is also very versatile. Industries use it for a variety of applications, including for making machines, buildings, window frames, and car parts. Because aluminum is not difficult to cut or shape, many construction companies will choose it for buildings.

To fabricate aluminum, the workers will use a slightly different process. During fabrication, they will extrude the aluminum. This means that the material will be pushed or pulled through a die so that the end-product will have a specific shape. The aluminum will go through a heating process, so it will be easy to mold. Sheet metal fabrication companies prefer this process of fabrication because it puts less stress on the aluminum.

When you are looking for a metal fabrication company in NYC or another location, it is important to choose a source that has a good reputation for delivering quality products. It is always wise to select a firm that has experience working with the specific material you wish to use so that the resulting products are durable. Call Weldflow Metal Products today for more information.