Not all of us have enough confidence for certain circumstances, others even claim that they don’t have confidence in anything at all. That wasn’t true…

Start of my work journey – Nailing my first ever support job as a restaurant staff

Confidence. I hate it. Before.

I’m a person who doesn’t want to mingle with others because of a lack of confidence or sometimes, insecurity. That’s why I had a big problem at the time that I had to get a job. I keep on asking myself how could I make it, it’s one of my biggest struggles. So I prayed to God for guidance and started to kill my shy side of me by thinking and looking forward to my goals. Insecurity was still there, of course! I have no experience at all and not even finished college, so who was going to hire me? But still, I started to distribute my résumé’s to any possible stores or companies that I’ve dropped by. On the first day it was pretty hard however, I got used to it as time went by.

Suddenly, I got a message from a restaurant company inviting me to my initial interview. Here we go again! I got so nervous!  but this is already a big chance of getting my first ever job, so by any means I will grab it. Interview day! I can say that I’m well prepared except by having enough sleep because of the preparation/practices xD. My confidence started to fall again because I was the only one who didn’t have any knowledge/experience about the job yet but I’m still holding on and just focusing on what I should do. And eventually, I became a part of their team. I know that it may not be a big job but It’s a good start of my journey working until I reach from where I’m at right now.

For those folks who didn’t have job experience yet but wanted to get one, don’t be afraid. Trust me, it’s hard but you’ll get it as long as you have:

-Trust in God before yourself / Pray


-Patience / Hard Work



You can do it!