A bulk voice call service is basically a web-based, automated voice messaging app that allows businesses and individuals to connect with their consumers in a more personalized manner. It is considered one of the most innovative ways of relaying business messages to potential clients and customers by way of voice recordings. The process is also called OBD services and is one of the most efficient ways of managing outbound calls. Messages that are sent through this service are recorded in advance giving users the ability of sending pre-recorded SMSs to a large number of customers across the world.
How does Voice SMS Work?
Speaking of voice SMS, first of all it is important for interested users to know that they get the flexibility of customizing the audio according to their requirements.


  • This service proves to be highly beneficial for businesses operating in India. This is because not every individual in the country is good at understanding Hindi or English. Therefore, sending them messages in their native language can help businesses in delivering their business messages without having to go through any kind of hassle.
  • Voice SMS is one of the most exclusive ways of transpiring messages to customers so that they get a clear understanding of what the businesses are trying to convey.
  • With bulk voice call solutions, businesses get the ability of sending messages to a large number of individuals. The technology provides the calls of a business with an exclusive landline number. This further helps in increasing conversion rates.
The Advantages of Voice SMS Solutions
There are large scale advantages that come from the use of voice SMS solutions and these are as follows:


  • Businesses get the scope of reaching out to their target audiences that do not have good skills in understanding English.
  • It becomes very easy for businesses to get quick response from consumers as they get the flexibility of using different interactive features in their voice messages.
  • Voice calls generally encompass something more than text messages. They encompass emotions helping businesses in setting engaging and more personalized tones to deliver messages across to the recipients.
  • The service providers in this field charge only those calls that establish connections. In other words, users are not charged for failed voice calls.
  • Users get the flexibility of recording their own voice and get them delivered directly to their prospective clients. This further helps in gaining the attention of the customers.
  • There are high quality recording studios provided by some voice SMS service providers making it easier for the users to record good quality voice messages.
  • SIM independent and handset incorporated service is available to interested users. This means that the users will be able to use the service without the limitations of cellular network and mobile handset.
  • Users of the service also get the scope of recording real-time responses for determining the success of their campaigns.
It is always beneficial to consider the services of a transactional bulk SMS service provider while trying to reap the advantages of voice messages. This will give you a stronger grip on your customers.