There are multiple reasons to at least be aware of what you’re putting on your skin, and why you should consider choosing natural skin care products. Whether you choose a mud face mask, body scrubs, or skincare product, you need to be aware that your skin is delicate and important, so ensuring you’re taking care of it is essential to healthy, happy skin. 

Better for You

Skin is incredibly absorbent and will soak up about 60% of whatever you put onto it, water, beauty products, and skincare products all included. Non-organic skincare products are often made with chemicals that are linked to health complications and conditions when they seep into your bloodstream. At best, these chemicals can cause irritation to the skin, but at worst, they can cause illnesses and health complications that can be avoided when you use an organic skincare product instead.

Synthetic skincare products are no stranger to adding fillers into their products that have no benefits to your skin. These fillers are often for shelf life or aesthetic more than anything else and are full of chemicals. Filler chemicals, like fragrances and emulsifiers, are much more likely to cause allergic reactions and irritations in sensitive skin. 

Unlike synthetic counterparts, none of the above issues are present in an organic natural skincare product. Natural skincare products are much easier on your skin, don’t contain the harsh preservatives that cause irritation, and don’t use filler chemicals that could cause allergic reactions or irritations. Instead, they naturally nourish, cleanse and exfoliate your skin to help keep it healthy without blocking spores. 

Better for the Environment

It’s not just your skin that will benefit. Natural and organic skincare products are also oftentimes much better for the environment than conventional products that are unsustainable for the environment. Natural skincare products have no parabens or petrochemicals that are a common preserving in skincare but have been linked to hormone imbalances of ecosystems and coral bleaching. 

In addition, organic skincare products don’t use harmful fertilizers or chemicals that cause awful damage to soil and our water. Organic products don’t use GMO’s that threaten the environment and sustainability of these products and cause incredible threats to the natural ecosystems of the area. Thus, by using a natural skincare product, you can get all of the benefits to your skin, while not impacting the environment negatively.

General Warning

Some companies will use what is called “Green Washing” techniques to make their products look much more “all-natural” than they are. They do this by claiming to be organic through the advertisement of an “organic ingredient” they use in their product, but only contains 0.2% of in their formula breakdown. 

When considering an organic skincare product, be aware of this and keep an eye out for false claims and “Green Washing” scams. If a product uses any of the following chemicals, avoid them,

●Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate

●Propylene/Polyethylene Glycol


●Synthetic Chemical Fragrances


It’s much cheaper for companies to use these synthetic ingredients in their formulas than it is to use the all-natural and organic ingredients that are much safer. 

Updating your skincare routine to include organic skincare products will be much better for your health and skin and the health of the environment. This is why you should consider making the switch.